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“Green” Auto Dealership Furnishings

Crest GreenOrganic food.  Energy-efficient windows.  Gas-saving hybrid cars.  All good  efforts to live green.  Crest Manufacturing is equally committed to helping our auto dealership clients sell cars  in “green” environments that reduce their carbon footprints on our planet.

Our  quality, affordable automotive furnishings are crafted here in the U.S. (reducing fuel and emissions involved in transportation) and we utilize at least 50 percent EPP-certified composite wood products.  The Composite Panel Association of North America has recognized us as a Downstream Licensed Facility through the association’s Environmentally Preferable Product program.  At Crest Manufacturing, we’ve made it a priority to examine every step of our production process, from where we get our raw materials to how we package the final product, to make sure we live up to the commitment we’ve made to our planet.

That’s not  just good for the environment: It’s good business, too. As a result of our policies, we provide our car dealership furnishings clients with valuable LEED points that help them meet their own environmental objectives and earn credits and incentives through local, state and federal programs. By shrinking their environmental footprints, our clients are also  saving on energy costs and reducing waste.




Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the USA

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